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Cut Tube Christmas Decoration
excerpted from: "More Christmas Ornaments Kids Can Make
by Kathy Ross
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about this book, "Crafts for All Seasons"

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rosscuttube100.jpg (4806 bytes)recycle.gif (2651 bytes)This week's Craft of the Week is brought to us by author and crafter Kathy Ross. Her new book More Christmas Ornaments Kids Can Make is gives us more fun ideas and great ornaments to make our Christmas festive and bright. Her Cut Tube Decoration is very simple to create and kids from 4 years old and older can make this pretty craft.

Cut Tube Christmas 0rnaments

What You Need:

  • ross.jpg (5748 bytes)One or more cardboard toilet tissue tubes
  • Sequins
  • Poster paint and a paintbrush
  • Glitter
  • Thin ribbon
  • Scissors
  • margarine tub
  • White glue
  • Styrofoam tray for drying

What you do:

  1. rosscuttube.jpg (11522 bytes)Flatten the cardboard tube. Make a 2 inch cut about 1/2 inch from the end of the tube. Do not cut the tube apart. Make another 2 inch cut on the opposite side of the tube and about 1/2 inch beyond the first cut. Continue cutting the entire tube on opposite sides and at 1/2 inch intervals.
  2. Gently pull on the two ends of the tube to spread the cuts apart.
  3. Mix four parts paint to one part white glue in the margarine tub. pain the tub both inside and out.
  4. Sprinkle the wet paint with sequins and glitter.
  5. Gently pull the wet tube apart again and let it dry on the Styrofoam tray.
  6. Thread an 8 inch piece of ribbon through one end of the tube. Tie the two ends together to make hanger.

Kathy's Bottle Cap Ornaments
rossbotcap100.jpg (4911 bytes)This week's Craft of the Week is brought to us from Kathy Ross the popular craft book author and craft expert. Kathy's Bottle Cap Ornaments are charming and gives us a creative way to use all those bottle caps from soft drinks and other products. Bottle Cap Ornaments are featured in her book More Christmas Ornaments Kids Can Make along with almost 3 dozen other wonderful crafts. Each craft comes complete with easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step- pictures of the crafts.

Great Gift & Fundraising Idea
Brownies in a Jar Gift
beansoup100.gif (4431 bytes)go to our christmas pageEveryone loves brownies.  Brownies are the perfect gift and you'll love our Brownies in a Jar. All you need is a one quart jar that you can pick up at your local craft store.  Just take the ingredients for the Double Fudge Brownie Mix and fill the jar.  You can make the jar festive by using a colorful ribbon to tie on the recipe instructions along with a note from you.  Using a small piece of material you can also cover the lid of the jar add the ribbon and you have "wrapped" your gift!

Santa's Candy Sleigh
santacandysleigh100.jpg (6092 bytes)Do you want to have Christmas parties but don't know what to do? This is an edible sleigh from best-selling and award winning author Wilhelminia Ripple who teaches you how easy it is to plan your party. It is excerpted from her book, "Christmas Parties...What I Do. Simply pull the crackers and candy canes apart to eat Santa and his sleigh. See this craft as well as a Christmas interview with the author.

Crafts that Recycle

Melted Crayon Jars
rosscrayjar2.jpg (12237 bytes)These jars are both pretty and useful containers for such things as flowers, pencils, and odds and ends. They are fun and easy to make and each one is different. Remember to keep your finished jars out of direct sunlight or the crayons will melt again.

Decorative Candles
How many times have you looked at decorative candles and were astonished at the price tag? It never seemed to be worth the extra money for the candle with the sparkles or colored swirls. Now you can make your own decorative candle without spending a fortune.

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FREE Kathy Ross Crafts

Crafts for Kids Who Are Wild About Oceans
by Kathy Ross, Sharon Lane Holm
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Reprinted with permission of the author. All rights reserved. 1999 Kathy Ross (text) Vicky Enright (illustrations)
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