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"Crafts for All Seasons"
by Kathy Ross
hosted by Sue Spataro
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find out more about Suemtalogo.gif (2318 bytes)Kathy Ross' latest craft book Crafts for all Seasons is filled with fun activities that will last the whole year.

Kathy, the author of many other popular children's craft books like Crafts from your Favorite Bible Stories, is a life -long crafter and teacher, has written a beautiful and creative book.

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rosscraft.jpg (5471 bytes)Each section of her book contains crafts for each season.  A sampling of the crafts include Cotton Swab Pussy Willows and a cute Necktie Windsock for the Spring, Dandelion Corsages and Bubble machines for the Summer, Fall pins and Apple New Year Cards are perfect for the Fall, and finally a taste of crafts for the Winter includes a delightful Snowman Pin and a Heart mail carrier for Valentine's Day.

In this one book, Crafts for all Seasons, you will have fantastic crafts for every season.  The kids will never be bored and neither will you! Bravo for your book Kathy, I wish I was a kid again so I could sit around the house and make ALL of your wonderful crafts!!

find out more about SueSue:
Your latest book Crafts For All Seasons is packed with so many great crafts. I love the way you index or list the crafts on a separate page right before the "Season" starts. Also the binding of this book is  terrific- large spiral bound. The book is easy to use and so reader and  "crafter" friendly- I can see that kids will LOVE this book : ). What  made you decide too lay out your book in this fashion?

ross.jpg (5748 bytes)Kathy:
This book is what is called a bindup. It is part of the four book seasons series bound together. I love getting to the bindup point! They are all done in spiral binding which is wonderful to use. It is such a plus when you are trying to keep the book open to a certain project. This binding is usually used on the larger books only because of the cost factor. I leave the format of my books to the experts at Millbrook Press. I always have a chance to review the decisions and give my thoughts, but I consistently love what is decided. I think they have done an incredible job of making my books
visually appealing.

find out more about SueSue:
I notice that you work with an illustrator Vicky Enright- the pictures  really add to the book. You have pictures that accompany every step of each craft and then you have a finished craft picture- terrific! How did you  meet Vicky and how do you two work together to make such a gorgeous book?

ross.jpg (5748 bytes)Kathy:
Vicky Enright is one of several illustrators doing my books. I always find her illustrations adorable. They are so appealing I want to crawl right in to the picture. Everything looks so FUN! Again, Millbrook is the source of all my illustrators. I have some I use regularly, as soon as they are available to take on another book. I know each style and if it matches the series I'm working on. As new illustrators are added, it is decided through work samples that have been submitted. Again, I have input, but Millbrook has done the work of finding two or three people with a style to match the topic. That is the point where I enter the discussion. I have two books with new illustrators at the moment so I'm very anxious to see the sketches of what they have in mind for the books. I am rarely disappointed. I have talked to Vicky on the telephone often, but, as is frequently the case with authors and illustrators, we have never meant. One of my new illustrators lives in England so communication is by email.

Putting a series of books in a bindup enables it to reach a much larger group of people. I'm always thrilled when a series merits doing this. I hope all my young friends who discover the seasons crafts through this book have as much fun doing the crafts as I did!

eyescan.gif (247 bytes)craft from this book,
"Crafts for All Seasons"
Soft Sculpture Pumpkin
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Pumpkin Soup
pumpkinsouplogo.jpg (6193 bytes)This easy and charming craft is really a wonderful gift for any and all of the goblins in your life. We have created a wonderful gift tag that you can easily download and attach to your mug to make this a special gift.  The tag has an adorable picture and inside we have written a poem especially dedicated to the treats of Halloween. This can be given as an inexpensive and fun favor for a Halloween party, a gift for a favorite relative and friend and a wonderful Halloween centerpiece.  You'll want to make them for your kids.

Soft Sculpture Pumpkin
excerted from"Crafts for All Seasons"
by Kathy Ross

gonext.gif (388 bytes)make a lovely pumpkin from old panty hose
sspumpkinlogo.jpg (5369 bytes)This is a lovely pumpkin craft comes from Kathy Ross' book, "Crafts for all Seasons" that you can make out of old pantyhose and some fiberfill.
You can make it as a nice fall craft or you can modify it for Halloween by adding a face.

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