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click here to see HotFlash meno-support Perimenopause & Menopause Support is our women's empowerment group which will help you find what you need for a better life. Take a look below at what is in store for you!!

HotFlash and the Women's Health Center was created as a safe haven for women to share and learn from each other. We discuss many women's health topics in addition to perimenopause and menopause.

see the women's health centerclick here to see HotFlash meno-support

Life's Little Lessons has wonderful heart-warming stories that will help you get more intouch with the people you love. In our Fix-It Corner, we have great suggestions to make you life and home better. We also have a place for teens to learn more and just have some fun.

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What is more fulfulling than the joy of a pet. In our Pet Corner section we have wonderful pictures stories and articles. We even have recipes for your pet. Speaking of recipes, we have wonderful craft and recipe libraries with wonderful ideas that come from nice people like youand other more famous cooks and crafters.

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And finally, if you feel that your child needs an extra boost to help them with their studies or you've decided to leave the system altogether, think about our homeschooling groups. We have articles and ideas to help you get started.

For each area we have support groups that you can join to ask questions and share your experiencs with your frineds from all over the world. Each week we also feature brand new articles, ideas and fun. You can stay in touch with our FREE weekly newsletter.

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Did you know that we have support groups for homeschooling, crafts, recipes, health and more?
Find out more

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PetCorner Promotions

Take time to smell the roses
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The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution
by Dr. Phil McGraw


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