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"You're Not Crazy, It's Your Hormones
by Larrian Gillespie
hosted by Sue Spataro, RN, BSN

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Dr. Gillespie interviews: "You're Not Crazy, It's Your Hormones" | "Menopause Diet" | "Goddess Diet" | "Gladiator Diet" | "You Don't Have to Live with Cystitis"
Gladiator Diet Interview: Introduction | Truth About Testosterone
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Female, Fat and Forty | FREE Recipes: White bean dip | Classic French Omelette | Bay Watch Turkey Burgers | Spicy Beef
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Introduction by Sue

notcrazy.jpg (11022 bytes)click here to find out more about SueDr. Larrian Gillespie’s newest book You're Not Crazy, It's Your Hormones! is an intelligent guide to help ALL women understand how ALL of their hormones work. This handbook gives women the latest health information and best medical tools. Women, by using Dr. Gillespie’s book, can work with their physicians in planning and utilizing the best up to date therapies.

gillespie.jpg (3699 bytes)Dr. Gillespie, the author of The Menopause Diet, The Goddess Diet, The Gladiator Diet, and You Don’t Have to Live With Cystitis, is known as the “Hormone Diva”. She possesses both the expertise and real life experience to help all women. Dr. Gillespie established a web site called the Hormone Diva. This web site includes information and help in dealing with all kinds of hormonal problems including those involving estrogen, progesterone, and the thyroid gland. Her site also works to build a community of women who work together to help each other through online support groups. Dr. Gillespie writes a FREE educational newsletter to stay connected with all members of the Hormone Diva group. This assists women in maintaining their health and learning how best to get the health care they need.

Interview with Dr. Larrian Gillespie

Your latest book You're Not Crazy, It's Your Hormones! is a wonderfully thorough and smart look at how ALL hormones affect women's lives. You talk about the most popular hormones, estrogen and progesterone, but you really go into depth about all the other important hormones like the ones made by the thyroid gland.

What made you decide on this topic for your book?

notcrazy.jpg (11022 bytes)gillespie.jpg (3699 bytes)Larrian:
Over the years of responding to women on my forums at, and writing my free newsletter, Larrian Reports, I noticed the discussion ALWAYS turned to hormones and how they affected their lives, weight, mood and family. At the same time, women were eager to find out how to work through their hormone issues, but there simply wasn't any book that took them by the hand and gave them the "inside" diagnostic tree used by physicians to figure out WHICH hormone was at fault. "You're Not Crazy It's Your Hormones! The Hormone Diva's Workbook" does just that. Any woman can take the quizzes, then read what lab test(s) give you the best bang for the buck in getting a diagnosis, and which medications is the right choice for WOMEN to use, not men.

PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

osp100logo.jpg (5457 bytes)Sue:
I noticed that you included PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in your book. This condition affects millions of women yet there is so little good information about this important syndrome. You talk about how women can find out if they have PCOS. Many times they have had this condition when they were in their teens. How would you know if a teenager had PCOS and what is the best course of treatment for them (this includes how best to preserve their fertility)?

notcrazy.jpg (11022 bytes)gillespie.jpg (3699 bytes)Larrian:
PCOS is a syndrome, which means it represents a collection of problems which funnel into some main criteria: insulin resistance and elevated testosterone in women. Unfortunately, most gynecologists fail to recognize the problem, feeling birth control pills are enough for management. This allows insulin resistance to remain untreated, which can cause not only weight gain but heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, hypertension and even osteoporosis. Some women are estradiol deficient, while others have abnormal pituitary function. To preserve fertility and health, women need to be treated INDIVIDUALLY, not generically by defining the SPECIFIC abnormalities each one is experiencing, and then treating those conditions. Metformin, an oral glucose regulating agent, has shown good results in stimulating normal ovulation and dropping blood insulin levels. The newer BCP's have a progestin which has a lower profile in causing insulin resistance and can block testosterone levels. Diet is another critical factor, as consuming high glycemic carbs and not enough protein will increase the insulin resistance. My book The Goddess Diet, discusses the impact of hormones on weight gain and how to eat so as to stimulate normal hormone function. Finally, exercise is important. Techniques such as TTapp, biking and Pilates can lower insulin levels as well as blood pressure.

How to organize and plan a health care strategy

I love the fact that YOU'RE NOT CRAZY, IT'S YOUR HORMONES! is a workbook. I found it to be very friendly and a great way to organize and plan a health care strategy. Why did you feel this was the best format for your book?

notcrazy.jpg (11022 bytes)gillespie.jpg (3699 bytes)Larrian:
Again, women would ask me to guide them through a workup and I found myself repeating things over and over. So, the workbook is a way to give ANY woman the basics, and valuable Diva Diamonds about low ferritin levels and thyroid problems, how to detect insulin resistance by your neck circumference, what's the correct blood values for hormones at each week of your cycle. ultrasound images, scans and more. I've also shown women how to put together a medical scrapbook complete with forms, where to order lab work and medications without a prescription (one can never have too much information about your body!) and how to negotiate with your doctor for the right therapies and diagnostic studies. This workbook gives women the knowledge and confidence to go into their doctor's office with organized thoughts about their own healthcare. Once women approach physicians armed with knowledge, they don't get shamed into accepting substandard health care or harmful medications. And if women need immediate help or another perspective on their problem, then can subscribe to my Hormone Diva Speaks forum, where I personally answer questions in the privacy of the specially designed message board.

Are you interested in Larrian's book?

notcrazy.jpg (11022 bytes)gillespie.jpg (3699 bytes)
"You're Not Crazy, It's Your Hormones"
Click here to buy!

Sales of this book through the link above
help to support this FREE website and support group.
Thanks for your support!

"Sudden Menopause"
by Debbie DeAngelo

deangelo.jpg (5055 bytes)click here to see HotFlash meno-supportNurse and women's health educator Debbie DeAngelo experienced menopause herself at 26, after ovarian cancer forced her to have both her ovaries removed. Debbie addresses the issue of what faces women who face menopause unexpectedly from various reasons including hysterectomy, chemotherapy, radiation, medication, anorexia or other unusual causes. She offers guidance on the emotional and cognitive difficulties (short-term memory loss), as well as the potential physical problems (osteoporosis, heart disease) related to early menopause, and their treatment (nutrition, hormone replacement therapy, exercise). In this exclusive article on HotFlash, Debbie has also graciously shared the first chapter of her book which tell us a bit more about what sudden menopause is. She goes on to tell us more about sudden menopause, the reasons for hysterectomy and ovarian malfunction, the connection between the brain and menstrual cycle, and the process of natural menopause. Have a question, don't forget to ask it on our FREE support group.

Facing more weight
after a hysterectomy or after menopause?
Getting started with "The Menopause Diet"
buddysystem.jpg (4682 bytes)
In our discussion groups, many people want to know the "secret" of "The Menopause Diet." Dr. Gillespie understands, and she explains, in her book, why women gain weight during perimenopause and menopause. The "secret" is that women are different than men in how we use the food we eat. Here's a little more information how to get started with the book and get FREE support in our Buddy System support group.
Find out
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Coping With Menopause Naturally
Alternatives to HRT
by Monique N. Gilbert, B.Sc.
gilbert.jpg (4703 bytes)Ever since the NIH stopped its major study on the risks and benefits of HRT, many women have begun to look for safe and effective natural alternatives to treat their menopausal symptoms. In this article from Certified Personal Trainer/Fitness Counselor Monique Gilbert, she tells us how exercise and the using natural estrogens in the form of soy can lead to better health. Included is a recipe for "Golden Tofu Strips" which is a tasty way to serve tofu.


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